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    “Sunflowers for Ukraine” is the latest single from Dougal, soon to be released on all the platforms, available here, now before the wider release. Send in your comments!

    This is the edited (shorter) version, 4:20.

    Dougal is a unique singer/songwriter, based in Ontario.

    “…your songs have meaning and substance, and can cause people to listen and think. They come from places of intelligence, insight and experience; and will get the attention of people with the same.”
    Brian Gladstone
    Winterfolk Festival Director

    “Your songs and your delivery of them have much appeal. I like especially the intimacy you achieve with audiences and the strong narrative inclination of your material. These are virtues.”
    — Dr. Tom Gannon Hamilton
    Urban Folk Organizer

     “That is the best line I have ever heard!”
    — Dan MacLean Jr.

    “Where the hell have YOU been?”
    — a recent fan

    — Mark Yan

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