Here is the latest single, now on Spotify ,and all the others, in time for the election.

Dougal is a unique singer/songwriter, based in Ontario.

“…your songs have meaning and substance, and can cause people to listen and think. They come from places of intelligence, insight and experience; and will get the attention of people with the same.”
Brian Gladstone
Winterfolk Festival Director

“Your songs and your delivery of them have much appeal. I like especially the intimacy you achieve with audiences and the strong narrative inclination of your material. These are virtues.”
— Dr. Tom Gannon Hamilton

 “That is the best line I have ever heard!”
— Dan MacLean Jr.

“Where the hell have YOU been?”
— a recent fan

Song of the Year, 2018
Two Chairs, Semi-finalist

Song of the Year, 2016
Clarkstown Flood (Born to Hang), Runner up