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1. Latest Release

This is the latest release – “Sunflowers for Ukraine”

2. Bio

Dougal (a Gaelic name that means “dark stranger”) has been creating music all his life, sometimes just in his mind. He has played various instruments including acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar, saxophone, harmonica, keyboards, fiddle, bamboo flute, and bagpipes. He has played with different rock, folk, jazz and other genres of groups. The music is singer/songwriter, troubadour, urban folk  style, thoughtful, thought-provoking, intelligent, sometimes topical, sometimes universal, delivered with flair. It might even make you think. He currently concentrates on songwriting, guitar playing and finding appreciative audiences. He lives in Toronto

Four short bios

Longer bio

3. Photos

Dougal with Brian Morgan (fiddle) at Free Times Café
Free Times Café, 2023
Open Tuning Festival 2021

4. Music video

“Two Chairs”, Open Tuning Festival

“Beat Up Old Ford”, with Ruth Jenkins, harp

5. Recent achievements and reviews

Last year was a busy year. Dougal released four singles. “Sunflowers for Ukraine” was the most recent, all of them getting some air play on college radio stations, such as the Folk Everything show on CKCU in Kingston. He has been playing live at a number of events: in May, the Celtic Ridge Showcase, at the Imperial Tavern; June, the Open Tuning Festival in Seaton Village, and Manitoulin Passage, Tekhummah Hall, Manitoulin; July, Back to the Patio at Free Times Café, and Duffy’s Patio, at the BIG on Bloor Festival; October, Barlopalooza, at the Black Swan.

Lately, Dougal has been looking for opportunities to move back into playing live in front of an audience. There are more dates coming up. This year is looking to be even better. Stay tuned. You can subscribe to the events calendar, on that page and/or for the email broadcast information.

“Beat Up Old Ford was a finalist in the International Song Contest, 2002, by Blues and Roots Radio.

International Song Contest 2022
Beat Up Old Ford. Finalist
Song of the Year, 2018
Two Chairs, Semi-finalist
Song of the Year, 2016
Clarkstown Flood (Born to Hang), Runner up

“…your songs have meaning and substance, and can cause people to listen and think. They come from places of intelligence, insight and experience; and will get the attention of people with the same.”— Brian Gladstone, Winterfolk Festival Director

“Your songs and your delivery of them have much appeal. I like especially the intimacy you achieve with audiences and the strong narrative inclination of your material. These are virtues.” — Dr. Tom Gannon Hamilton, Urban Folk Organizer

  “That is the best line I have ever heard!” — Dan MacLean Jr.

“Where the hell have YOU been?”  — a recent fan

 “Heartfelt” Mark Yan

6. Social media links and streaming



Dropbox for downloads

7. Contact information

Dougal Bichan
Skype: dougalco
647 860 2815

8. Stage plot